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ITSSAR B1 Counterbalance Refresher

Course Aim

The aim of our ITSSAR counterbalance refresher courses is to refresh and enhance individuals knowledge, skills, and competencies required to safely and effectively operate specific types of industrial equipment and machinery.

Course Summary

Our ITSSAR Accredited Counterbalance Refresher Courses are designed for individuals who have a certification or previous experience operating forklifts but may need to refresh and update their skills and knowledge.

Course Description

These courses are beneficial for operators who have not used forklifts for an extended period or those who want to reinforce their understanding of safety protocols and operational techniques.

The course objectives of our ITSSAR Counterbalance Refresher course include:

  • Reinforce Safety Practices: Emphasize the importance of adhering to safety regulations and best practices to prevent accidents.
  • Update Knowledge: Provide updates on any changes in legislation, industry standards, or company policies related to forklift operation.
  • Skill Assessment: Evaluate the current skill level of operators and identify any areas needing improvement.
  • Practical Training: Offer hands-on practice to refine operating techniques and ensure proficiency.


First Class Safety Health and Safety Training Academy, Swift House, Cosford Lane, Swift Valley Industrial Estate, Rugby, CV21 1QN Or Customer’s Premises


1 Day

Who should attend?

Refresher courses are recommended for candidates with certification for the relevant truck every 3 – 5 years.
Please contact our admin team on to confirm your eligibility to attend a refresher course and discuss your options.


Delegates will be awarded a certificate for counterbalance refresher training upon successful completion of assessment. They will also be registered onto TOPS.

It is recommended that this be refreshed every 3-5 years.

Course Requirements

Candidates attending this course must have a copy of previous certification for the counterbalance forklift truck and we would need to have a copy of the certificate to prove eligibility.

There may be the option for candidates who are able to delate having received formal basic training and passed a basic skills test, have certification available within five years or have previous certification available that is over five years to complete an assessment prior to course commencement to confirm eligibility to attend a refresher course.

ITSSAR B1 Counterbalance Refresher

£135 / person

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